Prof. Dr. Paulus Wirutomo, M.Sc.

Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik


Paulus Wirutomo was born in Solo, 29 of May 1949. He is a Professor of Sociology at Department of Sociology, University of Indonesia. He graduated from University of Indonesia, majoring in Sociology (1976). He obtained his Master of Science degree in Social Planning from University College of Swansea Wales, UK in 1978 and achieved his Doctoral degree in Sociology of Education from State University of New York, 1986.

Paulus has already dedicated himself to teaching for 35 years and now he is still active as a lecturer in Department of Sociology, University of Indonesia. As a senior lecturer, Paulus Lectures undergraduate and post-graduate students. His fields of teaching, for undergraduate class, are Introduction to Sociology, System of Indonesian Social, Theory of Sociology, Social Planning and Sociology of Education. Meanwhile, for Post-Graduate class, Paulus teaches Theory of Classic Sociology, Theory of Modern Sociology, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Urban Area, Theory of Social and development, Theory of Community Development, and Social impact of Development. In his career as a lecturer, Paulus has taught in various universities. In 1990-1992, he taught in Doktor Soetomo University. In the period of 1989-1992, he taught in STIF Driyarkara for Theory of Social Development subject. He also taught in Selapa Polri (1999-2000). Besides teaching, he is also a member of Indonesia Learning Organization Society (ILGOS).

Paulus ia a very productive lecturer. He has so many scientific wrtings and publications, some of them are, “Pengembangan Nilai Strategis”, Lokakarya Sekjen Depdagri (2005), “Civil Society” (2004), and “Perlindungan Sosial Terhadap Kelompok Margina (2004). Currently, he is a head of Magister Program of Social Development Management, University of Indonesia. Married to Dra. Catharina Caraya Pradanawati, Msi, AAS, he has two sons leonardus Satrio Wicaksono and Johanes Prio Sambodho.