Dr. Rifki Ismal, SE, MA.

Program Pascasarjana


Rifki Ismal has been lecturing at Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia since 1997 after he got his BA in economics in that year.  Besides lecturing, he is a bank researcher at Directorate of Islamic Banking, Bank Indonesia - Jakarta. Upon obtaining BA and working at Bank Indonesia for 3 years, Rifki pursued master degree in applied economics from Department of Economics, University of Michigan, ann arbor, USA in 2003. Then, he continued to take PhD degree in Islamic Economics and Finance at Durham University, England in 2007. His areas of interest are Islamic banking and finance, Islamic economics and monetary policy.


Out of academic and official activities in Indonesia, he was a visiting researcher (research on Indonesian bond market) at Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Hong Kong representative office. In addition, he has ever been invited to give a lecture on Islamic risk management at Strasbourg school of business (France) and was one of the world experts to speak in UNCTAD (United Nations) experts meeting on Service and Trade in Geneva, in 2011.  Currently, he is a member of IFSB (Islamic Financial Service Board) working group on stress testing.


During his routine activities, Dr. Ismal has published more than 20 papers in referred academic international journals such as in emerald journal series (International journal of Islamic and middle eastern finance, Humanomics international journal of system and ethics, Studies in economics and finance), Review of Islamic economics (UK), ISRA international journal of Islamic finance, International journal of management research, Gadjah mada international journal of business, Iqtisad international journal of Islamic economics, Kyoto University bulletin on Islamic studies, etc. Lastly, he is an active writer in the Indonesian newspapers on issues surrounding Islamic banking and finance. He can be reached at rifki_ismal@yahoo.com