Prof. Dr. Eng. Ir. Sri Harjanto

Teknik Metalurgi



Born in Jakarta in 1969, Ir. Sri Harjanto was assigned as junior lecturer in the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia since 1994. Upon his completion as Doctor of Engineering (Dr. Eng.) from Tohoku University, Japan in 2002, he joined Venture Business Laboratory, Akita University, Japan as postdoctoral fellow for 3 years. He was back as academic staff to Universitas Indonesia at 2005. He was awarded Satya Lencana Karya Satya for his 10 years dedication and Best Paper award from National Seminar on Metallurgy and Materials in 2007. He was assigned as Associate Professor at Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Universitas Indonesia in 2008. He was awarded as Best 3 Head of Department in Universitas Indonesia in 2016.

His research areas of interest are: resources and circular materials processing, chemical metallurgy and chemical synthesis of materials, materials chemistry and degradation.

His current projects include:
Novel Technology on Processing and Extraction of Indonesian primary and/or secondary resources
Secondary Resources Processing and Recycling such as e– Waste
Physico-chemical processing Monitoring System
Nano Materials Synthesis for Metallurgical Process Engineering Applications
Metal Degradation in Biological Environment System

His membership in materials society:
Japan Institute of Metals
The Minerals, Metals dan Materials Society (TMS)
Materials Research Society Indonesia (MRS-INA)
Masyarakat Material Indonesia