Dr. Adam Badra Cahaya

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1 Effects of screened Coulomb interaction on spin transfer torque
PDF icon physrevb.103.094420.pdf
Physical Review B
2 Equilibrium current vortices in simple metals doped with rare earths
PDF icon physrevb.103.064433.pdf
Physical Review B
3 Yukawa potential for realistic prediction of Hubbard and Hund interaction parameters for transition metals
PDF icon physicab_published.pdf
Physica B: Condensed Matter
4 Manipulation of the RKKY exchange by voltages
PDF icon physrevb.100.014403.pdf
Physical Review B
5 Manifestation of charge/orbital order and charge transfer in temperature-dependent optical conductivity of single-layered Pr0.5Ca1.5MnO4
PDF icon rangkuti_2019_j._phys._condens._matter_31_365601.pdf
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
6 Voltage Control of Rare-Earth Magnetic Moments at the Magnetic-Insulator–Metal Interface
PDF icon physrevlett-voltage_control_of_rare_earth.pdf
Physical Review Letters
7 Crystal field effects on spin pumping
PDF icon physrevb-crystal_field_effects_on_spin_pumping.pdf
Physical Review B
8 Spin Seebeck power conversion
PDF icon ieeetransmag-spin_seebeck_power_conversion.pdf
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
9 Spin Seebeck power generators
PDF icon apl-spin_seebeck_power_generator.pdf
Applied Physics Letters