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5 tb ekstra paru
PDF icon buku_tuberkulosis_ekstra_paru.pdf
6 buku fakta menstruasi pada remaja
PDF icon 1._buku_fakta_-_fakta_mengenai_menstruasi_pada_remaja.pdf
7 amh oocyte quality
PDF icon serum_amh_level_predicts_oocytes_quality_better_than_follicular_fluid_amh_level.pdf
8 phalleria macrocarpa endometriosis
PDF icon the_effectiveness_of_phalleria_macrocarpa_bioactive_fraction_in_alleviating_endometriosis_andor.pdf
9 factor associated with LARC
PDF icon Factors associated with the utilization of long-acting reversible contraceptives among family planning clients at the Pameungpeu
10 factor associated with LARC1
PDF icon factors_associated_with_the_utilization_of_long-acting_reversible_contraceptives_among_family.pdf
11 high dose fsh suppress apoptosis
PDF icon a_high_dose_of_total_recombinant_fsh_suppresses_granulosa_cell_apoptosis_and_maintains_oocyte.pdf
12 developing fertility preservation questionnaire
PDF icon Developing an Indonesian fertility preservation questionnaire for health care providers treating patients with cancer
17 frontiers society for fertility preservation
PDF icon Investigation of Each Society for Fertility Preservation in Asia
18 konsensus endometriosis
PDF icon Konsensus endometriosis
19 konsensus sopk
PDF icon Konsensus tatalaksana SOPK
20 AMH pada pasien kanker
PDF icon anti-mullerian_hormone_levels_in_female_cancer_patients_of_reproductive_age_in_indonesia.pdf
21 Embolisasi AVM
PDF icon trans-arterial_embolization_of_acquired_uterine_arteriovenous_malformation_after_cesarean_section.pdf
22 Konsensus Keguguran Berulang
PDF icon buku_konsensus_recurrent_miscarriage.pdf
23 extrapelvic endometriosis
PDF icon extrapelvic_endometriosis_in_abdominal_wall.pdf
24 Knowledge and Attitude of Indonesian Obstetrician and Gynecologists Regarding Fertility Preservation
PDF icon knowledge_and_attitude_of_obgyn_fertility_preservation.pdf