Rezzy Eko Caraka,S.SI.,M.Sc(RES).,PhD

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1 Indonesian Islamic moral incentives in credit card debt repayment: A feature selection using various data mining
PDF icon 10-1108_imefm-08-2020-0408-2.pdf
International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management
2 Using multivariate generalized linear latent variable models to measure the difference in event count for stranded marine animals
PDF icon gjesm_volume_7_issue_1_pages_117-130_1.pdf
Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management
3 Impact of COVID-19 large scale restriction on environment and economy in Indonesia
PDF icon 1-s2.0-s1877050919310567-main.pdf
Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management
4 Biclustering method to capture the spatial pattern and to identify the causes of social vulnerability in Indonesia: A new recommendation for disaster mitigation policy
PDF icon 1-s2.0-s1877050919310567-main.pdf
Procedia Computer Science
5 Using Hierarchical Likelihood Towards Support Vector Machine: Theory and Its Application
PDF icon using_hierarchical_likelihood_towards_support_vector_machine_theory_and_its_application.pdf
IEEE Access
6 Prediction of Status Particulate Matter 2.5 Using State Markov Chain Stochastic Process and HYBRID VAR-NN-PSO
PDF icon prediction_of_status_particulate_matter_2.5_using_state_markov_chain_stochastic_process_and_hybrid.pdf
IEEE Access
7 Cluster Around Latent Variable for Vulnerability Towards Natural Hazards, Non-Natural Hazards, Social Hazards in West Papua
PDF icon cluster_around_latent_variable_for_vulnerability_towards_natural_hazards_non-natural_hazards_social.pdf
IEEE Access
8 Zakat administration in times of COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia: a knowledge discovery via text mining
PDF icon 10-1108_imefm-05-2020-0250.pdf
The International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management (IMEFM)
9 Determining Optimal Location for Mangrove Planting Using Remote Sensing and Climate Model Projection in Southeast Asia
PDF icon remotesensing-12-03734.pdf
Remote Sensing
10 Connecting Climate and Communicable Disease to Penta Helix Using Hierarchical Likelihood Structural Equation Modelling
PDF icon symmetry-13-00657.pdf
11 Evolving Hybrid Cascade Neural Network Genetic Algorithm Space–Time Forecasting
PDF icon symmetry-13-01158-v2.pdf
12 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises’ Business Vulnerability Cluster in Indonesia: An Analysis Using Optimized Fuzzy Geodemographic Clustering
PDF icon sustainability-13-07807.pdf
13 National Vaccination and Local Intervention Impacts on COVID-19 Cases
PDF icon sustainability-13-08282-v2.pdf
14 Did Noise Pollution Really Improve during COVID-19? Evidence from Taiwan
PDF icon sustainability-13-05946-v3.pdf