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1 2022: Exploring college adjustment in first-year gen Z medical students and its contributing factors
PDF icon rahma_mardiastuti_rita_exploring_college_adjustment_in_first-year_gen_z_medical_students_and_its.pdf
Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences
2 2022: Measuring online self-regulated learning among early-career medical doctors in a Massive Open Online Course on COVID-19
PDF icon nadia_dewi_ardi_chaina_garry_measuring_online_self-regulated_learning_taps.pdf
The Asia Pacific Scholar
3 2022: Clinical teachers’ professional identity formation: An exploratory study using the 4S transition framework
PDF icon santhi_marcellus_diantha_clinical_teachers_professional_identity_formation_int_j_med_educ.pdf
International Journal of Medical Education
4 2022: Burnout and quality of life of medical residents: A mixed-method study
PDF icon pandji_estivana_diantha_burnout_and_quality_of_life_of_medical_residents_kjme.pdf
Korean Journal of Medical Education
5 2021: Self-confidence in conducting forensic psychiatric evaluations among general psychiatrists in Indonesia
PDF icon natalia_agus_diantha_saptawati_marlina_et_al_self-confidence_in_conducting_forensic_psychiatric.pdf
6 2021: Evaluating the Relationship Between Online Learning Environment and Medical Students’ Wellbeing During COVID-19 Pandemi
PDF icon rita_edward_faruqi_rahma_evaluating_the_relationship_between_online_learning_environment_and_medical.pdf
Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences
7 2021: Collaborative writing for clinical educators: recommendations from a community of scholars
The Clinical Teacher
8 2021: “To obey or not to obey” - Medical students’ response towards professional dilemmas in a hierarchical and collectivist culture
PDF icon diantha_nadia_ardi_tiara_kemal_rita_estivana_to_obey_or_not_to_obey_-_medical_students_response.pdf
9 2021: Discordance to ASHP Therapeutic Guidelines Increases the Risk of Surgical Site Infection
PDF icon fauna_rika_heru_firdaus_nurlina_kevin_diantha_retnosari_discordance_to_ashp_therapeutic_guidelines.pdf
10 2021: Trainees’ perceptions and expectations of formal academic mentoring during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesian cardiology residency programs
PDF icon sunu_rita_aida_mefri_heru_rahma_celly_trainees_perceptions_and_expectations_of_formal_academic.pdf
Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions
11 2021: Co-creating scholarship through collaborative writing in health professions education: AMEE Guide No. 143
Medical Teacher
12 2021: Clinical Reasoning in Forensic Psychiatry: Concepts, Processes, and Pitfalls
PDF icon natalia_tjhin_agus_diantha_saptawati_elizabeth_marlina_adhitya_cesar_ardi_et_al_clinical_reasoning.pdf
Frontiers in Psychiatry
13 2021: Supporting newly graduated medical doctors in managing COVID-19: An evaluation of a Massive Open Online Course in a limited-resource setting
PDF icon ardi_nadia_chaina_joseph_nani_desak_pratiwi_supporting_newly_graduated_medical_doctors_plos_one.pdf
14 2021: Cardiology trainees' attitudes towards clinical supervision: a scale development study
PDF icon iswandy_anwar_ardi_cardiology_trainees_attitudes_towards_clinical_supervision_ijme.pdf
International Journal of Medical Education
15 2021: Professional identity formation of medical teachers in a non-Western setting
Medical Teacher
16 2021: The relationships between resilience and student personal factors in an undergraduate medical program
PDF icon ardi_nadia_azis_reynardi_vernonia_estivana_the_relationships_between_resilience_and_student_personal.pdf
BMC Medical Education
17 2021: Willingness to volunteer andreadiness to practice of undergraduate medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic: A crosssectional survey in Indonesia
PDF icon gilbert_ardi_azis_nico_david_imam_jason_lyanna_bagas_indah_willingness_to_volunteer_bmc.pdf
BMC Medical Education
18 2021: Impact of women’s domination in plastic surgery residency program in Indonesia
PDF icon indri_rita_sri_impact_of_women_domination_in_plastic_surgery_residency_program_in_indonesia_prs.pdf
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open
19 2021: Development of a new instrument to assess clinical performance of residents in dermatology-venereology department
PDF icon sandra_hardyanto_sunarto_ova_development_of_a_new_instrument_to_assess_clinical_performance_of.pdf
The Asia Pacific Scholar
20 2021: Never waste a good crisis: Resilient health professions education
PDF icon lambert_ardi_never_waste_a_good_crisis_-_resilient_health_professions_education_taps.pdf
The Asia Pacific Scholar
21 2021: Good knowledge but poor practice toward covid-19 among Indonesian Youth
PDF icon ahmad_levina_tiara_haifa_reynardi_edward_kemal_nani_ardi_good_knowledge_but_poor_practice_toward.pdf
Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health
22 2021: Adaptasi kuesioner Satisfaction Scale for E-Learning Process versi Indonesia: Evaluasi kepuasan mahasiswa terhadap pembelajaran 4C/ID
PDF icon witri_marcellus_diantha_adaptasi_kuesioner_ssep_indonesia_ejki.pdf
e-Journal Kedokteran Indonesia
23 2020: Dealing with negative role modelling in shaping professional physician: an exploratory study
PDF icon ita_rita_diantha_dealing_with_negative_role_modelling_in_shaping_professional_physician_j_pak_med.pdf
Journal Of Pakistan Medical Association
24 2020: COVID-19 in Indonesia: Challenges and Multidisciplinary Perspectives for a Safe and Productive New Normal
PDF icon anindya_ardi_akmal_damar_et_al_covid-19_in_indonesia_actamedica.pdf
Acta Medica Indonesiana
25 2020: Exploring medical students’ professional identity formation through written reflections during the COVID-19 pandemic
PDF icon ardi_dewi_joseph_nadia_exploring_medical_students_professional_identity_formation_jphr.pdf
Journal of Public Health Research
26 2020: Adaption of internet-based multiple mini interviews in a limited-resource medical school during the coronavirus diseases 2019 pancemic
PDF icon sophie_wisma_james_ardi_adaption_of_internet-based_multiple_mini_interviews_in_a_limited-resource.pdf
Korean Journal of Medical Education
27 2020: Twelve tips for developing a global community of scholars in health professions education
Medical Teacher
28 2020: Performance assessment: consensus statement & recommendations frim the 2020 OTTAWA Conference
Medical Teacher
29 2020: Admission policies and methods at crossroads: a review of medical school admission policies and methods in seven Asian countries
PDF icon diantha_et_al_admission_policies_and_methods_at_crossroads_kjme.pdf
Korean Journal of Medical Education
30 2020: Unveiling the Hurdles in Cultivating Humanistic Physicians in the Clinical Setting: An Exploratory Study
PDF icon rita_diantha_unveiling_the_hurdles_in_cultivating_humanistic_physicians_in_the_clinical_setting_mjms.pdf
Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences
31 2020: Medical students in Indonesia: An invaluable living gemstone during Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic
PDF icon gilbert_ghea_ardi_medical_students_in_indonesia_kjme.pdf
Korean Journal of Medical Education
32 2020: How motivation correlates with academic burnout: Study conducted in undergraduate medical students
PDF icon estivana_ardi_daniar_rita_how_motivation_correlates_with_academic_burnout_eimj.pdf
Education in Medicine Journal
33 2020: Relationship between empathy and motivation in undergraduate medical students
PDF icon ardi_estivana_daniar_rita_relationship_between_empathy_and_motivation_gms.pdf
GMS Journal of Medical Education
34 2020: Faculty development in medical education: An environmental scan in countries within the Asia Pacific Region
PDF icon dujeepa_shuh_ardi_rita_hiroshi_shunsuke_young-mee_faculty_development_in_medical_education_kjme.pdf
Korean Journal of Medical Education
35 2020: Establishing and sustaining a transnational clinical teacher faculty development initiative
PDF icon justin_jayne_ardi_diantha_establishing_and_sustaining_a_transnational_clinical_teacher_faculty.pdf
The Asia Pacific Scholar
36 2020: Pemanfaatan Diskusi berdasarkan Kasus sebagai Ujian Formatif dalam Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis PA FKUI
Journal of Indonesian Medical Association: Majalah Kedokteran Indonesia
37 2020: Development of e-portfolio in undergraduate clinical dentistry: How trainees select and reflect on evidence
European Journal of Dental Education
38 2020: E-portfolio system development for undergraduate clinical dentistry: an action research study
PDF icon nadia_diantha_rita_e-portfolio_system_development_for_undergraduate_clinical_dentistry_junpad.pdf
Padjajaran Journal of Dentistry
39 2020: Stereotypes among health professions in Indonesia: an explorative study
PDF icon sri_ardi_natalia_diantha_stereotypes_among_health_professions_in_indonesia_kjme.pdf
Korean Journal of Medical Education
40 2020: Exploration of learning with direct patient engagement in dentistry professional education
PDF icon nur_estivana_ardi_exploration_of_learning_with_direct_patient_engagement_in_dentistry_professional.pdf
Majalah Sainstekes
41 2020: Exploration of constructive feedback practices in dental education chairside teaching: A case study
European Journal of Dental Education
42 2020: Indonesian health professions students’ perceptions toward an interprofessional education program: Findings after five years of implementation
PDF icon santi_diantha_dian_evi_hanni_ardi_indonesian_health_professions_students_perceptions_toward_an.pdf
Makara Journal of Health Research
43 2020: Validitas Isi Alat Ukur Burnout Staf Pengajar Fakultas Kedokteran di Indonesia
PDF icon mona_ardi_natalia_validitas_isi_alat_ukur_burnout_staf_pengajar_fakultas_kedokteran_di_indonesia.pdf
e-Journal Kedokteran Indonesia
44 2020: Interprofessional shared decision-making: A Literature Review
PDF icon chaina_ardi_interprofessional_shared_decision-making_jpki.pdf
Jurnal Pendidikan Kedokteran Indonesia
45 2019: The odyssey of medical education in Indonesia
PDF icon rita_hiroshi_sjamsuhidajat_albert_the_odyssey_of_medical_education_in_indonesia_taps.pdf
The Asia Pacific Scholar
46 2019: Evaluation of the role of near-peer teaching in critical appraisal skills learning: a randomized crossover trial
PDF icon indah_ardi_respati_esthika_kuntjoro_evaluation_of_the_role_of_near-peer_teaching_in_critical.pdf
International Journal of Medical Education
47 2019: Interprofessional collaborative practice in primary healthcare settings in Indonesia: a mixed-methods study
Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice
48 2019: Transnational clinical teacher training: Lessons learned and cross-cultural implications
PDF icon ardi_justin_jayne_diantha_transnational_clinical_teacher_training_taps.pdf
The Asia Pacific Scholar
49 2019: The relationship between empathy and stress: a cross-sectional study among undergraduate medical students
PDF icon james_ardi_fransiska_the_relationship_between_empathy_and_stress_kjme.pdf
Korean Journal of Medical Education
50 2019: The relationship between gender & coping mechanisms with butnout events in first-year medical students
PDF icon rena_ardi_the_relationship_between_gender_coping_mechanisms_with_butnout_events_in_first-year.pdf
Korean Journal of Medical Education
51 2019: Measuring the interporfessional collaborative competencies of health-care students using a validated Indonesian version of the CICS29
Journal of Interprofessional Care
52 2019: Healthcare professionals’ perceptions regarding interprofessional collaborative practice in Indonesia
Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice
53 2019: Formulating a need-based faculty development model for medical schools in Indonesia
PDF icon riry_rita_diantha_formulating_a_need-based_faculty_development_model_for_medical_schools_in.pdf
Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences
54 2018: Remediating lapses in professionalism among undergraduate medical students in an Asian institution: A multimodal approach
PDF icon ardi_nani_remediating_lapses_in_professionalism_among_undergraduate_medical_students_in_an_asian.pdf
BMC Medical Education
55 2018: Development of clinical learning environment measure in the undergraduate medical program
PDF icon ardi_denita_development_of_clinical_learning_environment_measure_in_the_undergraduate_medical.pdf
Advanced Science Letters
56 2018: Measuring medical students’reflection on their learning: modification and validitation of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ)
PDF icon diantha_agnes_geoff_measuring_medical_studentsreflection_on_their_learning_bmc.pdf
BMC Medical Education
57 2018: Examining the nature of feedback within the Mini Cex: an analysis of 1427 Mini Cex assessment forms
PDF icon diantha_agnes_geoff_examining_the_nature_of_feedback_within_the_mini_cex_gms_journal_of_medical.pdf
GMS Journal of Medical Education
58 2018: Validation of metacognitive awareness inventory in academic stage of undergraduate medical education
PDF icon rukman_diantha_validation_of_metacognitive_awareness_inventory_in_academic_stage_of_undergraduate.pdf
e-Journal Kedokteran Indonesia
59 2018: Undergraduate medical students’ perceptions on feedback-seeking behaviour
PDF icon dwita_diantha_undergraduate_medical_students_perceptions_on_feedback_seeking_behaviour_mjms.pdf
Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences
60 2018: Perceptions of academic achievers and under-achievers on learning environment at Sam Ratulangi University, Indonesia
Advance Science Letters
61 2016: How clinical reasoning is taught and learned: Cultural perspectives from the University of Melbourne and Universitas Indonesia
PDF icon ardi_lesleyanne_geoff_neville_how_clinical_reasoning_is_taught_and_learned_bmc.pdf
BMC Medical Education
62 2016: The relationship between autonomous motivation and autonomy support in medical students’ academic achievement
PDF icon rose_diantha_anwar_the_relationship_between_autonomous_motivation_and_autonomy_support_in_medical.pdf
International Journal of Medical Education
63 2016: Validity and reliability of postgraduate hospital educational environment measure – Bahasa Indonesia version
PDF icon natalia_adhitya_validity_and_reliability_of_postgraduate_hospital_educational_environment_measure.pdf
Jurnal Pendidikan Kedokteran Indonesia