Dr. Ir. Muhammad Salman, ST, MIT

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1 "KAMIES: Security Optimization of KASUMI Algorithm by Increasing Diffusion Level"
IJSIA International Journal of Security and Its Applications 2018
2 "Improving Security Level through Obfuscation Technique for Source Code Protection using AES Algorithm"
ICCNS Proceeding 2017
3 "Measuring Accuracy in Identifying and Detecting Unauthorized Access Point using Proactive Intrusion etection Approach in Wireless Networks”
IJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, June 2014
4 “Key Issues and Challenges of Intrusion Detection and Prevention System: Developing Proactive Protection in Wireless Network Environment”
ICCS International Conference Proceeding, Paris 2012
5 “Research on Developing Proactive Protection Tool for Preventing Illegal Access Point Intrusion in Network- based Wireless Environment”
ICDE International Conference Proceesing, Dubai 2012
6 “Investigating Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for Reducing Chaotic Condition in Wireless Network Environment”
The International Symposium on Chaos Revolution in Science, Technology and Society 2011
7 “Green Networks: Low Cost Secured Network Infrastructure using Virtualization based Network for Green ICT Environment”
ICID Proceeding, International Conference on Information Development 2011
8 "Enhancement of SIMPLE-O: Weighted Process Improvement for Automatic Essay Assessment in E-Learning System" (Authors: Anak Agung Putri Ratna, Dudi Hermawandi, Natalia Evianti, Muhammad Salman)
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Journal of Technology, IJTech, 2013
9 Telecenter and ICT Community Development in Rural Area: Case Study in Kebumen Region, Central Java, IndonesiaaEUR
Proceeding International Conference for e-Government, CSDMS, Bangkok, April 2006
10 aEURoeDesign and Comparison Analysis of Information Retrieval Algorithm in Web-Based Digital LibraryaEUR
Journal Teknologi, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia, August 2005
11 "Implementation of Content Management System in Distributed Online Learning Environment"
The 6th Quality in Research Seminar, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia, October 1-2, 2003,Depok
12 aEURoe Design and Implementation of Communication System and Document Management Features on Web Based Learning Application"
IASTED Proceeding, International Conference on Web-based Education, Innsbruck, Austria, February 16-18, 2004
13 "The Development and Implementation of Dynamic Web-Based Editor for E-Learning Content Management Tool"
IASTED Proceeding, International Conference on Internet and Multimedia System and Application, Honolulu, Hawaii, August 13-16, 2001
14 "Design and Implementation of Natural Language Processing System for Online Essay-Based Assessment"
Proceeding The International Conference Workshop and Exhibition Online Educa Berlin, 3-5 December 2003, Berlin, Germany
15 "On Developing of Smart Home with Pervasive Approach"
Proceeding The 7th Internatinal Conference Quality in Resarch (QiR 2004), August 4-5, 2004
16 "On Developing Pervasive Control and Monitoring System for Distributed Fluid Tanks"
Proceeding The 7th Internatinal Conference Quality in Resarch (QiR 2004),August 4-5, 2004