Inaya Rakhmani, S.Sos., M.A., Ph.D

No Title of Publication Journal Name Delete link
1 The Personal is Political: Gendered Morality in Indonesia's Halal Consumerism (2019)
TRaNS: Trans –Regional and –National Studies of Southeast Asia
2 Linking Academic Research and Policymaking (2018)
Book Chapter Springer
3 Reproducing academic insularity in a time of neo-liberal markets: The case of social science research in Indonesian state universities (2019)
Journal of Contemporary Asia
4 The commercialization of da'wah: Understanding Indonesian Sinetron and their portrayal of Islam (2014)
International Communication Gazette
5 Media, communication and the struggle for social progress (2018)
Global Media and Communication
6 Mainstream Islam: Television industry practice and trends in Indonesian sinetron (2014)
Asian Journal of Social Science
7 Mainstreaming Islam in Indonesia: Television, Identity and the Middle Class (2016)
Palgrave MacMillan