Dodik Siswantoro, S.E., M.Sc. Acc.

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1 Video Akuntansi Lembaga Wakaf Tunai
PDF icon Video Akuntansi Lembaga Wakaf Tunai
Surat Pencatatan Ciptaan
2 Video Akuntabilitas Lembaga Wakaf Tunai
PDF icon Video Akuntabilitas Lembaga Wakaf Tunai
Surat Pencatatan Ciptaan
3 Pedoman Akuntabilitas dan akuntansi lembaga wakaf tunai (cash waqf)
Image icon Pedoman Akuntabilitas dan akuntansi lembaga wakaf tunai (cash waqf)
Rajagrafindo Persada
PDF icon ifa112analysisoffactorsaffectingprofitdistributionmanagementatislamicbanksinasia.pdf
Proceedings International Conference and Doctoral Colloquium in Finance 2017 Indonesia Finance Association
5 The Role of Indonesian Government in Enhancing Islamic Financing for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) 
PDF icon obaidullah-micro4.pdf
published at Proceeding of First International Islamic Conference on Inclusive Islamic Financial Sector Development, Brunei Darussalam 2007
6   Analysis on the Feasibility Study of Musharakah Mutanaqisah Implementation in Indonesian Islamic Banks 
published at Proceeding of International Conference 6th International Conferences on Islamic Economics and Finance, Jakarta 2005
7 The Risk of Repo Scheme in Recession/Bearish Period: A Case of Repo Transaction in Indonesia  vis-a-vis Rahn Concept 
published at Proceeding of Simposium Nasional Ekonomi Islam IV, Yogyakarta (Achieved Best Paper Award) 2009
8 Review on Sukuk Researches: Where are We Now?
PDF icon reviewonsukukresearch10.pdf
presented at MES 3rd Goes To Campus di Perbanas 25 November 2009
9 Is "Not Real" Price Lawful? A Lesson from Islamic Fixed (sukuk) Mutual Funds in Indonesia during Financial Crisis
published at Proceeding of International Academic Conference on Sukuk and Development Challenge in Indonesia, Jakarta, University of Indonesia (Achieved Best Paper Award) 2010
10 The Effectiveness of Waqf Fund Raising through Mutual Fund in Indonesia
PDF icon waqf.pdf
presented at International Waqf Conference, Singapore 2007
11   An Evaluation of Islamic Bonds Rating in Indonesia 
PDF icon riskmgt.pdf
published at Proceeding of 2nd International Research Conference on Islamic 2006
12   The Stability of Gold Dinar and Accounting Implications: An Empirical Study 
PDF icon dinarbook.pdf
published in the Viability of Islamic Dinar book in 2002
13 Corporate disclosure practice in Malaysia: A content analysis 
PDF icon 111art3.pdf
working paper, funded by Research Centre IIUM, Malaysia. Published at IIUM Journal of Economics and Management Sciences Vol. 11 No: 1 2004
14 ‘Kharakteristik Bank Likuidasi dan Bank Restrukturisasi di Indonesia’ 
PDF icon karakteristikbanklikuidasi.pdf
Jurnal Akuntansi dan Keuangan Indonesia Vol 2 Tahun 2005
15 The Effect of Stability of Bullion-Based Currencies on Foreign Currency Translation Adjustments: An Empirical Evidence 
presented at World Congress 9th, Hong Kong held by IAAER 2002
16 Kecukupan emas untuk dinar dan rasionya dengan dirham
PDF icon 3.dinardodik.pdf
ISEFID Review No. 1/2002
17 The Need of Accounting Standards for Islamic Banks in Indonesia
PDF icon needaccounting.pdf
published at Mini Economica No:34 2004: 36-51
18   The Hindsight Information of Lembaga Tabung Haji Annual Report and the Role of Accountant in Managing the Information 
PDF icon trisaktidodik.pdf
Presented at International Conference VI Accounting, Finance, Commerce : The Islamic Perspective, Jakarta 2005. Published at ISEFID Review 5 dan 6 (2006/2007)
19 Degree of Independence of Shari’ah Supervisory Board in Indonesia: Student’s Perspective
PDF icon degreeindepence.pdf
Presented at Colloquium held by Bank Negara Malaysia, published at Journal Ekonomi Syariah Indonesia Vol 1 No. 1 Januari 2007
20 Idealisasi Indeks Syari'ah, Analisa Kasus Bursa Efek Jakarta dengan Kuala Lumpur dan Dow Jones
PDF icon indekssyariah.pdf
2nd winner Shari'ah national writing contest, held by SM-FEUI and Istimar Foundation in 2001, published at Jurnal Ekonomi Syari'ah No. 2 2002