Prof. Dr.rer.physiol. dr. Septelia Inawati Wanandi

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1 The impact of rotenone-modulated oxidative stress on the survival of human breast cancer stem cells (CD24-/CD44+)
PDF icon annals_of_oncology_vol_28_2017.pdf
Annals of Oncology
2 Suppression of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Activity in Rotenone-Treated Human Glioblastoma T98G Cells Reduced Cell Viability
PDF icon ajpcr_final.pdf
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Vol. 11 Issue 1, 2018
3 Stroma derived from breast cancer tissue increases breast cancer populations in vitro
PDF icon ars_stroma_derived.pdf
The 1st Asian Researcher Symposium
4 The alteration of p53-pathway gene expression in advanced breast cancer after neoadjuvant chemo- and hormone therapy
PDF icon 128p_the_alteration_of_p53-pathway_gene_expression_in_advanced_breast_cancer_after_neoadjuvant_chemo.pdf
Annals of Oncology
5 In silico and in vitro studies of natural active compound from Indonesian herbs targeted to inhibit survivin in human breast cancer stem cells
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6 Effect of pre-S2 mutation of hepatitis B virus subgenotype B3 the endemic strain in Indonesia on hepatocellular carcinoma: Observation on transcription factor NF-kB expression and activation
PDF icon annals_of_oncology_marlinang.pdf
Annals of Oncology
7 The expression of CD133 gene in primary glioma cells and its correlation with pkuripotency, hypoxia and tumor grade
PDF icon glioma-cd133-9april2017_010917.pdf
The 42nd Annual Meeting of Korean Cancer Association with International Cancer Conference
8 Analysis of ALDH1A1 and ALDH1A3 gene expressions in umbilical cord stem cells (UCSCs) and adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs)
PDF icon fixed_manuscript_karina_icgh.pdf
The 2nd International Conference on Global Health 2017
9 The suppression of rotenone-treated human breast cance stem cell survival using survivin inhibitor YM155 related to oxidative stress modulation
PDF icon the_2nd_icolib_full_paper-septelia_inawati_wanandi_ina_300717-1.pdf
The 2nd ICOLIB. Integrated Biological Sciences for Human Welfare
10 Curcumin increases anti-cancer activity of Tamoxifen in MCF-7 breast cancer cells through the suppression of MDR1 mRNA expression
PDF icon melva_asl2017_curcumin_increases_anti-cancer_activity_of_tamoxifen_in_mcf-7_breast_cancer_cells.pdf
Advanced Science Letters
11 Analysis of Apoptosis and Cell Proliferation in Glioma Related to the Tumor Grade
PDF icon artikel_asl_ingenta_original.pdf
Advanced Science Letters
12 Secretomes of Adipose and Umbilical Cord-Derived Stem Cells Affect ALDH1A1 Expression in Breast Cancer Stem Cells
PDF icon asl_pur.pdf
Advanced Science Letters
13 Extracellular O2 level and pH Modulation affected the human breast cancer stem cells survival and stemnes
PDF icon asl_ika.pdf
Advanced Science Letters