DR. dr. Silvia Werdhy Lestari, M.Biomed

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5 Fragmentasi DNA spermatozoa : Penyebab, Deteksi dan Implikasinya pada Inferrtilitas laki-laki
PDF icon ejki_2015_-_fragmentasi_dna_sperma.pdf
6 Evaluation of outer dense fiber-1 and -2 protein expression in asthenozoospermic infertile men
PDF icon mji_2015_-_odf.pdf
Medical Journal of Indonesia
7 Sperm DNA fragmentation and apoptosis levels : A comparison of the swim up and the density gradient centrifugation methods for sperm preparation
PDF icon ojbs_2016_-_sperm_dna_fragmentation_and_apoptosis.pdf
Online Journal of Biological Sciences
8 Epigenetic : A new approach to etiology of infertility
PDF icon mji_2016_-_epigenetik.pdf
Medical Journal of Indonesia
9 Efficacy and safety of an injectable combination hormonal contraceptive for men
PDF icon jcem_2016_-_efficacy_and_safety_of_an_injectable_combination.pdf
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
10 Sperm Na,K-ATPase alpha 4 and plasma membrane Ca-ATPase 4 regulation regulation in asthenozoospermia
PDF icon sbirm_2017_-_sperm_na_k_-atpase_a4_and_pmca_regulation_in_asthenozoospermia.pdf
System Biology in Reproductive Medicine
11 Sperm chromatin maturity and integrity correlated to embryo development in ICSI program
PDF icon sbirm_2017_-_sperm_chromatin_maturity_and_integrity_correlated_to_zygote_development_in_icsi_program.pdf
System Biology in Reproductive Medicine
12 Spermtogonial stem cells : A current update in the management of azoospermic infertile men
PDF icon ojbs_2017_-_spermatogonical_stem_cells.pdf
Online Journal of Biological Sciences
13 Morphology-based selection, metabolic profiling and omics technology compared with the classical morphology-based embryo selection in In Vitro Fertilization
PDF icon jgpt_2017_-_morphology-based_selection_metabolic_profiling_and_omics_technology_compared_with_the.pdf
Journal of Global Pharma Technology
14 Multisperm tracking by using Kalman filter and optimized assignment algorithm on low frame rate video
PDF icon icacsis_2017_-_multisperm_tracking_and_optimized_assignment_algorithm.pdf
15 The pattern of abnormalities on sperm analysis: A study of 1186 infertile male in Yasmin IVF clinic Jakarta
PDF icon journal_of_physics_-_the_pattern_of_sperm_analysis_abnormalities.pdf
Journal of Physics
16 Azoospermia : Suatu tinjauan genomik
PDF icon ejki_2017_-_azoosperma_suatu_tinjauan_genomik.pdf
17 Immunohistochemistry detection method of rejection reaction of human umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cell on rat sciatic nerve tissue
PDF icon
Journal of Global Pharma Technology
18 Indicative and prognostic ramifications in the assessment of DNA sperm damage : The essential standards. the blueprint procedures, clinical procedures, clinical importance and implication of these tests : A systematic review
PDF icon ajp_2018_-_indicative_and_prognostic_ramifications_in_the_assessment_of_dna_sperm_damage-_the.pdf
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics
19 Comparison of sucrose and trehalose media modification as an update of oocyte vitrification: A study of apoptotic level
PDF icon aip_2018-_comparison_of_sucrose_and_trehalose_media_modification_as_an_update_of_oocyte.pdf
AIP proceeding 2018
20 Sperm quality after swim up and density gradient centrifugation sperm preparation with supplementation of alpha lipoic acid (ALA): A preliminary study
PDF icon aip_2018_-_sperm_quality_after_swim_up_and_density_gradient_centrifugation_sperm_preparation_with.pdf
AIP proceeding 2018
21 Sperm Na+K+-ATPase and Ca2+-ATPase activitiy : A preliminary study of comparison of swim up and density gradient centrifugation methods for sperm preparation
PDF icon aip_2018_-_sperm_na_k-atpase_and_ca2-atpase_activity-_a_preliminary_study_of_comparison_of_swim_up.pdf
AIP proceeding 2018
22 Spermatogonial stem cells: A review of essential factor for self renewal and differentiation
PDF icon jgpt_2018_-_spermatogonial_stem_cells-_a_review_of_essential_factor_for_self-_renewal_and.pdf
Journal of Global Pharma Technology
23 Prolactin supplementation in sperm preparation A study of sperm DNA fragmentation
PDF icon jgpt_2018_-_prolactin_supplementation_in_sperm_preparation_a_study_of_sperm_dna_fragmentation.pdf
Journal of Global Pharma Technology
24 Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia and necrozoospermia : A study of sperm Na+,K+-ATPase alpha4 and Plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase4 regulation
PDF icon ojbs_2018_-_oligoasthenoteratozoospermia_and_necrozoospermia-_a_study_of_sperm_na_k-atpase_a4_and.pdf
Online journal of biological science
25 Sucrose versus trehalose cryoprotectant modification in oocyte vitrification : A study of embryo development
PDF icon bpj_2018_-_sucrose_versus_trehalose_cryoprotectant_modi_cation_in_oocyte_vitri_cation_-_a_study_of.pdf
Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal
26 Sperm Na+K+-ATPase and Ca2+-ATPase activities: A potential predictive parameter of sperm motility disorder in infertile men
PDF icon bpj_2018_-_sperm_na_k-atpase_and_ca2-atpase_activities-_a_potential_predictive_parameter_of_sperm.pdf
Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal
27 Sperm dynein AAA1 and AAA2 expression in human sperm : A regulation in sperm preparation
PDF icon bpj_2018_-_sperm_dynein_aaa1_and_aaa2_expression_in_human_sperm_-_a_regulation_in_sperm_preparation.pdf
Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal
28 An update of sperm preparation: A review of supplementation substances to improve sperm quality
PDF icon bpj_2018_-_an_update_of_sperm_preparation_-_a_review_of_supplementation_substances_to_improve_sperm.pdf
Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal
29 An update of oocyte vitrification: A modification of sucrose and trehalose as extracellular cryoprotectant
PDF icon bpj_2018_-_an_update_of_oocyte_vitri_cation-_a_modi_cation_of_sucrose_and_trehalose_as_extracellular.pdf
Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal