drg. Benny Mulyono Soegiharto, M.Sc., MOrthRCS, Ph.D.,Sp.Ort.

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1 Contemporary management of class II malocclusions
PDF icon kpp_2013_-_contemporary_management_of_class_ii_mo.compressed.pdf
2 The accuracy of bolton analysis and little irregularity index on digital study models with anterior crowding
PDF icon kppikg_2_-_the_akurasi_of_bolton_-_benny.compressed.pdf
3 craniofacial morphology of children with complete unilateral cleft lip and palate-following labioplasty and palatoplasty
PDF icon kpp_2013_-_craniofacial_morphologi.compressed.pdf
4 Comparison of interleukin Iβ in passive self - ligating and conventional pre-adjusted bracket system during initial orthodontics treatment
PDF icon kppikg_3_-_comparison_of_interleukin_-benny.compressed.pdf
5 Effectiveness of herbal and non-herbal toothpastes in reducing dental plaque accumation
PDF icon jurnal_fkg_ui_-_des_2012.pdf
Jurnal of Dentistry Indonesia - 2012
6 Craniofacial morphology of children with complete unilateral cleft lip and palate following labioplasty and palatoplasty
PDF icon dental_jurnal_-_2012.compressed.pdf
Dental jurnal, Majalah Kedokteran Gigi - 2012
7 When do you need to bring your kids to an orthodontist?
PDF icon indodent_-_benny.compressed.pdf
Inddent - Indonesian Dentist Lifesyle Magazine - 2013
8 discriminatory ability of the skeletal maturation index and the cervical vertebrae maturation index in detecting peak pubertal growth in Indonesian and white subjects with receiver operating characteristics analysis
PDF icon ajodo_2_-_discrimanatory_ability_.compressed.pdf
American journal of orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedics
9 Skeletal maturation in Indonesian and white children assessed with hand-wrist and cervical vertebrae methods
PDF icon ajodo_1_-_skeletal_maturation_.compressed.pdf
American journal of orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedics
10 Description of maxillary canine impaction with panoramic radiographic evaluation in 9 -11 years old patients in RSGMP-FKGUI
PDF icon boce_2010_-_description_of_maxillary.pdf
Majalah ortodontik, suplemen Juni 2010
11 Treatment of a classs I malocclusion with crowding and premolar rotation using the smartclip self-ligating system
PDF icon boce_2010_-_treatment_of_class_i_mo_with_crowding.pdf
Majalah ortodontik, suplemen Juni 2010
12 Treatment progress of class I malocclusion with crowding and anterior crossbite using smartclip self - ligating appliances system
PDF icon boce_2010_-_treatment_progress_of_class_1_mo.pdf
Majalah ortodontik, suplemen Juni 2010
13 The management of a class II division 1 malocclusion using the damon self-ligating system
PDF icon boce_2010_-_the_management_of_a_class_ii.compressed.pdf
Majalah ortodontik, suplemen Juni 2010
14 The treatment of a severe skeletal class II malocclusion with growth modification using a modified clark twin block functional appliance
PDF icon boce_2008_-_the_treatment_of_a_savere.pdf
Majalah ortodontik, suplemen Juni 2008
15 Botox injection as an alternative treatment for excessive gingival display
PDF icon fdi_2010_-_botox_injection.compressed.pdf
6th International Dental Federation - Indonesia Dental Association Joint Meeting - 2010
16 Deep Bite Correction Methods
PDF icon fdi_2011_-_deep_bite_correction_methods.pdf
7th FDI-IDA Joint Meeting Semarang Dental Exhibition - 2011
17 The Effectivity of Hyaluronic Acid 0.1 % on the Healing Process of Traumatic Ulcer Caused by Fixed Orthodontic Appliance
PDF icon ijd_2009_-_the_effectivity_of_hyaluronic.compressed.pdf
Indonesia Journal of Dentistry 2009
18 Persepsi Ortodontis, Mahasiswa Kedokteran Gigi dan Masyarakat Sekitar Terhadap Tampilan Gusi dalam Senyum Estetis
PDF icon foril_2011_-_persepsi_spesialis_orto.compressed.pdf
Foril X 2011