Dini Rahma Bintari, S.Psi., M.Psi.

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2009 Application Plan for teaching held by University of Indonesia
2009 Training on Islamic Trauma Healing by Prof. DR. Malik Badri
2009 MMPI-2 Training by DR.Rusdi Maslim, Sp.KJ held by Army Hospital
2009 Basic Hipnotherapy Training by DR. Erwin, Sp.KJ from Army Hospital
2009 Traning on Transpersonal Psychology held by IPK(association of Clinical Psychologist)HIMPSI
2008 Certified Appreciative Inquiry Training by David Cooperrider,PhD and Ron Fry, PhD
2008 Training on Transpersonal Psychology by Margret Ruefler,Ph.D
2007 PEKERTI (Training on Problem based learning)held by University of Indonesia
2007 Training on Transpersonal Empowerment by Margret Ruefler,Ph.D
2006 Training on Transpersonal psychotherapy in Jakarta by Beth Hedva,Ph.D

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