Dr. dr. Peni Kistijani Samsuria, M.S.

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Poster Presentation in Climate Change and Global Warming:

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2 HRH-The Importance to understanding Climate Change HRH-The Importance to understanding Climate Change

Declaration of MOU and Commitment to global economic development cooperation G20 Bali Leaders Declaration 15-15 November 2022, happened at a time of unparalleled multidimensional crisis. The devastation brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, and other challenges including Climate Change, and the Ukraine-Russia war, has caused the economic downturn, increase poverty, slowed global recovery, and hindered the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. What should we cooperate with depends on the aspect of Society 5.0, and that is how High Relative Humidity (HRH), specifically in tropical rainforest climate areas, which is like a huge natural incubator, reported a high prevalence of tropical health and infectious diseases. The relation of HRH and Amok, Tempe as Aspergilus flavus antagonist, Fragile-X Syndrome, Hypospadias, Bipolar, Parkinson Syndrome, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), Sepsis, LGBT, and DHF should be transparently known by our B20 leaders, not only doctors. Skeptical and Disheartening are the obstacles to successful SDGs. Superior Seed for Dry and Hot Climates (also for Dry and Cold Climates) for agricultural economics by Indonesian and Thailand Scientists with the help of technical know-how of industrial countries would be supported to clean ONE-EARTH Recover Together, Recover Stronger. Green economy for the 'Sauna' climate area and Blue economy for the 'Steambath' climate area: Known as the HRH aspect.

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3 1st Winner on SCeLE module Long Distance Learning 1st Winner on SCeLE module Long Distance Learning

Due to the G20 and B20 Indonesia Presidential Meeting, Food Crisis, Energy Crisis, Climate Crisis, LGBT crisis, and Sepsis Antibiotic Resistance crisis have not calculated the difference between the 'sauna' Sahara vs. the 'steambath' tropical rainforest climate area. It has been revealed as Industry 4.0 without Society 5.0.
This module taught us to make good negotiations and decisions for our ONE EARTH: High Relative Humidity should be promoted, especially in industrial countries.

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Kultur dan Pemeriksaan Fungsi Sel Endotel

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