Dr. Ir. Jaka Fajar Fatriansyah, M.Sc. IPM

No Title of Publication Journal Name Delete link
1 The Effect of the Chirality on the Fluctuation of Liquid Crystal
Journal of Statistical Physics 165 (1), 86-93
2 Effect of Coating Layer of Sand Casting Mold in Thin-Walled Ductile Iron Casting: Reducing the Skin Effect Formation
International Journal of Metalcasting 12 (2), 362-369
3 Electric-field-induced flow-aligning state in a nematic liquid crystal
Physical review E 91 (4), 042508
4 Nonequilibrium steady-state response of a nematic liquid crystal under simple shear flow and electric fields
Physical Review E 90 (3), 032504
5 Dynamical properties of nematic liquid crystals subjected to shear flow and magnetic fields: Tumbling instability and nonequilibrium fluctuations
Physical Review E 88 (1), 012510